The space-saving technology to mower Briggs & Stratton winning the USA


It's called Mow n'Stow the new technology developed by Briggs & Stratton for storing the mower while saving 70% of the space in the garage space. The system allows you to fold the mower so that it can store upright. The Mow n'Stow technology has received a few days ago an important international recognition: won the award in the category of products for the home in the competition Good design awards Chicago Atheneaum.The new Briggs & Stratton technology will be available for the Italian market since the spring of 2017. It is based on a patented engine design by the company and specially redesigned to be put in a vertical position garage, without the risk of fuel leaks or oil.In the access to blades for operations just three simple steps - explain by Briggs & Stratton - you can fold the mower after use, gaining 70% of floor space. Thanks also to its low weight and easy handling, the cleaning or maintenance is extremely simpler than the normal lawn mowers ".Briggs & Stratton has been awarded across several thousands of participants from over 50 nations, companies like Apple, Whirlpool and many other world leading brands in different sectors. "An award - concluded by the company - which once again confirms the importance of the continuous investment of Briggs & Stratton in research and development of more efficient technologies and solutions and in line with user expectations.""


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