New Turbo V50 equipped with forage harvester that cuts, collects and aerates in a single pass


The new Gianni Ferrari Turbo V50 has been revisited in the engine, transmission and driving area; it has a brand new 50 hp 4-cylinder Kubota engine, a mechanical gear transmission with an oil bath clutch for long durability and less maintenance and a new turbine made of wear-resistant steel, with a removable and easily replaceable impeller.
The Turbo V50 is characterized by easy maintenance thanks to the rear hood that opens for easy access to the engine area and the folding driving platform even with the engine off. Equipped with GF3x1 Plus Smart System, the mulcher with collection patented by the company from Reggiolo, it guarantees 3 activities in a single step: it cuts, collects and aerates in a single step.
Grass, shrubs and brambles are chopped and collected and the lawn is airy.

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