Murabilia, gardening protagonist in Lucca


The nineteenth edition of Murabilia, Lucca's gardening market exhibition, is scheduled from 6 to 8 September next. Confirmed international guests and events, the organization works in the second part of July to finish the program, which will be the richest ever, also thanks to the impulse given to the event by Lucca Crea srl, the company of the Municipality that organizes the Lucca Comics & Games festival and manages the Polo Fiere, which this year has taken over the organization of Opera delle Mura.
The theme “Sguardi a Oriente. Japan ”returns strong from the success of the 2018 edition of Murabilia. The underlying theme will therefore still be the Far East, its plants, its traditions and its rituals that have always shown a profound interest in nature in all its expressions in the Japanese people.
Murabilia confirms its vocation to be an Italian crossroads for international gardening. Between Baluardo San Regolo and Baluardo La Libertà, in the botanical garden and in the gunboats, world-class personalities such as the Russian botanist Michail S. Romanov and the plant hunter, American nurseryman and writer Daniel J. Hinkley who chose Lucca for his only conference in Europe. And then people of European reputation such as the Transylvanian gardener Razvan Chisu who directs the British magazine The Saxifrage magazine, the French collector Olivier Colin, the English specialist of African trees and writer John Grimshow, the Dutch landscape architect Abraham Rammeloo who directs in Belgium the most famous European arboretum and others.
In the rich program art and nature intertwine, meetings and conferences of botany, books and news. For information and the complete program

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