Myplant & Garden: an exhibition that aims high


With the approach of February 25, 2015, the day of the debut, there is growing curiosity and interest in Myplant & Garden, the new Milan exhibition dedicated to the flower and plants. To find out how it's going on, to better understand the market's reaction to this new event and learn about the target and the goals of the organizers, GardenTV interviewed the arch. Valeria Randazzo, exhibition manager Myplant & Garden, CEO of VGroup. The calendar of fairs dedicated to the nursery is already Pretty dense, how did Myplant & Garden and what are its goals? Myplant & Garden is a show that appears with the aim of becoming a reference point for the entire chain of green, exposure machines for the garden supply nursery, landscape architecture of the park maintenance, services , the technique, including fertilizer, potting soil, containers, vessels, construction, architecture and design of green in the broad sense. We would like Myplant & Garden acted as a 'hub' for the supply chain of green, acting as a promoter, a sounding board, 'central ideas'. For everyone, for the whole sector. Background is the idea that 'united we win', and that it is all rowing in the same direction. The revival is possible only in this way. Who are the promoters of the event and who is it for? The heart of the event will still be the horticultural sector, where a broad representation of companies asked us to organize a festival that would represent a new stimulus for the entire sector. Some of these companies came together in a consortium, called Myplant & Garden, to share step by step 'construction' of the fair along with VGroup, which organizes this fair and the staff is present in the world where Italian trade fair for 20 years. What are the extras" that you think offer more than other similar events? And what are the strategies to deliver a successful fair? The Milan office, with a debut in the very year the Expo will offer attendees the most extensive guarantees logistical and commercial potential Rho-Pero exhibition center is at the center of international attention, a unique location services, a joint at the center of the main ways of communication and trade, both Italian and foreign, to 360 degrees.A new home, a new exhibition to find new ideas, even going through new ways of managing the organization, in fact, is in daily dialogue (literally) with companies in the sector and with the Consortium, formed by a group of Italian companies representative of the whole industry chain, which is spearheading the territory, not only Italian, the new event. The strategy and objectives are shared, day by day, to offer exhibitors the exhibition they want, visited by traders more interested and interesting, organized according to strict criteria of transparency. They are all innovations that add to the previous. Myplant & Garden declare immediately to turn to a "user" international, it is not a difficult task to fulfill, especially in the first edition? And how to be able to involve foreign exhibitors and visitors? With regard to the international character of the event, as well as hosting foreign companies, the organization will focus its efforts in operations invitation for several foreign countries (first of all: Russia, Turkey, France, Germany, Croatia, Tunisia, Morocco and Switzerland ), while in the coming weeks, Myplant & Garden will be present in 3 trade fairs in Russia, Spain and Turkey with the institutional spaces: the goal is to attract both new exhibitors, and visitors. We will begin shortly an international advertising campaign, while the first appearances of foreign exhibitors (arrived in summer accessions from Germany and the Netherlands) have come through 'word of mouth' among operators. The list is therefore intended to lengthen. The research, invitation and hospitality of international buyers will also coordinate with the appropriate office of one of the largest Italian banks, active in the world. As you develop the event (stand, workshops, meetings, seminars etc etc ...) and what you expect from Myplant & Garden? We are planning a series of events which, although fed and high-level information no longer redundant with trade exposure. These will be cutting technical, practical, training and information, as well as associative (with respect to the production, distribution, sale). The events will cover various sectors of the industry: you will go from landscape design, garden and green in general to in-depth cutting for cultivation, from exhibitions to outdoor design, which will place the emphasis on well-being and good living given by the contact with nature, private events to the evolution of outlets in the garden over the last few decades. The cut flower will have a series of ad hoc appointments, which seek to involve the great schools of the Italian industry. There will also be exhibitions reserved for the green building industry, which will translate into real moments of direct dialogue between supply and demand, including planners, businesses and governments. For appointments traditional industry, this is without a doubt another novelty. Without revealing too much, you can give some anticipation or tell some news that we can expect? So how new is the expansion of the visitor target potential compared to other exhibitions, we will aim to involve not only many nursery operators in the industry in the narrow sense, but also visitors from business sectors and consistent with our range of goods and cultural, are public or private, ranging from garden centers to the delegates of public gardens, kiosks and shops at the groundsmen, from landscapers, agronomists, to specialist retailers, technicians and senior civil servants to the companies involved in building rehabilitation facilities suburban . And then the world of hospitality, going to invite the owners or managers of public places that have outdoor spaces (hotels, restaurants, bars, resorts, clubs, beaches, etc..). And, again, we will court the green sports, managers of shopping centers and sports fields (soccer and golf, just to give an example). There have been particular difficulties that you have passed to give life to the event? The critical issues are basically the following: the launch of a new exhibition always generates curiosity and careful consideration on the part of companies, a possible participation. Fortunately, however, it is an obstacle that day by day we can climb successfully. It was also the case for the '"accreditation" by the participants: the world of horticulture needs to understand the other person is trustworthy, reliable, serious. And so it was and will be. An event like ours, then, comes literally from the bottom, as we have seen before. To date, how many and which are the companies that have joined and what is your target? From July to the end of August we have collected about a hundred exhibitors. Some of them are already on the site myplantgarden.com. There are numerous phone calls and requests for information we receive on a daily basis and, therefore, between September and October we will surely be a great accelerated. The goal is an event with a selection of 300/350 companies among the best representative of the sector."

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