Maintenance, gardens and nurseries: meetings in Myplant


Trees, lawn, urban green, and much more: a rich calendar of training and in-depth events is what Myplant & Garden has in store for its fourth edition (in Milan, from 21 to 23 February).
The program of meetings with cutting aimed at those involved in the maintenance of green areas, gardens and nurseries will begin with a conference on monumental trees, on the analysis of stability through diagnostic innovations (Wednesday 21, 9.30 am, Business Area).
"Doing business in the 2.0 market" is instead the title of the meeting that will investigate the opportunities and criticality of the new procurement code, but also the role of social networks in the green business, Long life learning and business quality charter. In short, "an overview of topics on how best to do business in new markets" (Thursday 22nd, 2.30 pm, Conference Hall).
The conference "The correct management of unwanted green areas in extra-agricultural areas" will deal with the management of the infesting flora in the city, with a look at the regulations on the use of glyphosate, the analysis and comparison of the various weed systems and the various methods of intervention (Friday 23rd, 9.00 am, Conference Hall).
And again, many insights on arboriculture topics: the relationship between trees and urban centers ("Trees and cities: a sustainable relationship", Friday 23rd, 2.30 pm, Business Area); the importance of the roots for the observation of the state of health and development ("Aberi: learning to know the roots", Wednesday 21st, 2.30 pm, Sala Convegni); the choice of the correct species and their management, with an eye also to the interaction with insects and turf (Friday 23, 9.30 am, Business Area).
For all employees of the green chain, an important event dedicated to current events is Thursday, at 10.30 at the Spazio Game, to take stock of the tax aspects, in particular the new Green Bonus, and the legal recognition of the profession .
For all information on conventions and the fair program, see the website.

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