Myplant & Garden, the new 2018


Myplant & Garden, the International Milan Green Fair, prepares for its fourth edition, in the form of novelties. Starting from the opening of a third pavilion, which brings the total exhibition area to 45,000 square meters.
Myplant & Garden, which proposes and promotes the whole chain of greenery through its 8 macro-sectors (nurseries, flowers, decoration, construction, machinery, services, technology, vases), intends to reiterate in February 2018 its role as a great agorà italiana (architects, agricultural experts, agronomists, forestry, engineers, agrotechnics ...), associations (landscaping, lighting engineering, floriculture, gardening, (all over Italy), foundations, PPAAs, companies, publishers, municipal, collective and consortium companies, research institutes and research centers.
Many of the goals the organizers set for February 2018: "to introduce new developments in the industry, to promote innovative products and services, to promote more profitable contacts, to stimulate economic development opportunities, to enhance productive excellence, to stimulate in Italy and the rest of the world, offer technical, technological and professional upgrade opportunities. "
To continue this growth pathway, Myplant ed. 2018 will also add a third pavilion, will give more impetus to seeking international buyers and contractors, develop new, timely news and information topics for the green world, will highlight the return of Italian florist markets at the fair, will enhance the theme of decoration, will have special areas dedicated to machinery, green design and greenbuilding, will consolidate an ever more comprehensive and transversal exhibition offering, truly unique across the Mediterranean.
The third pavilion, for which business memberships are growing, will be marked by beauty, and will be enriched by special initiatives and installations of great appeal and aesthetic and emotional impact. It will be a new area, rich in ideas, ideas and visions, and will celebrate the green and the flowers, enhancing their quality, transversality and potential in a sparkling, lively, dynamic atmosphere. And it will be the venue for meetings and debates of great appeal to companies and operators in the industry. Deployment: New Garden Center New Trend edition will in fact be located in this pavilion.
An increasing number of operators (ca + 30% each edition) find themselves in Myplant because they consider it the best 'place of business and relationships' in Italy. Agronomists, experts, green technicians, planners, distributors, wholesalers, dealers, dealers, dealers, producers, recruiters, gardener, maintainers, import-export operators, public bodies, event organizers, Foresters, Geometers, Engineers, Nurseries, Landscapers, Horticulturists, Agents and Representatives, Retailers, Agrarian Trades, Trademarks and Distribution Chains are attending the International Salon of Greenery to meet, update, confront, come into contact with new realities, appreciate innovations and renovations, develop new contacts, activate business and collaborate.

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