Breaking news: Myplant & Garden is postponed


Just three days after the start of the sixth edition of the most important event dedicated to nursery gardening, gardening and the landscape, the organizers published, at 3:00 pm, a press release on the official website of Myplant & Garden with the subject: Update communication on the COVID emergency - 19.

The communication explains that: “With regard to the latest information available regarding the emergency situation of COVID - 19, the Organizing Secretariat of Myplant & Garden communicates to all its exhibitors, visitors, companies and entities involved that a conference table is underway. overtime work to evaluate the appropriate and appropriate procedures to be adopted and activated to respond to the current situation and to ensure maximum public safety and safety by the organizing body ".

A shower that is more than freezing for the entire organizational machine of the fair, including exhibitors, visitors and all the actors involved in the related industries. In fact, rumors and rumors chased all day about the feasibility of the exhibition or the fact that the fair was postponed to September.

Late in the evening GardenTV managed to get updates by contacting the press office directly for an official response that ensures that the "organizers are working towards a postponement while respecting the health of exhibitors, visitors and their families and the work and commitment of those who participates in the creation of Myplant & Garden 2020 ". Unfortunately it was not possible for us to have more precise information on the period in which it will be postponed, but we can only thank the press office for the collaboration and availability on a day that we imagine very excited.

A choice, that of postponing the fair, which creates many concerns and problems for all the actors involved, but which has been weighted and implemented for the safety of all and so that all the appropriate and adequate precautions required are guaranteed in any case, following scrupulously to the health regulations indicated by the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization.

The organizers will let us know shortly that they will update the press release and send a newsletter. We wait.

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