MyPlant & Garden works for the fourth edition


Closing the third edition that has enriched the quality - as well as the numbers - and the origin of the visitors, has been able to show an increasing number of offers and novelties, entrepreneurial opportunities and creative ideas, moments of encounter and contact opportunities, the International Salon Of the green started the preparations for the fourth edition, which, precisely in these hours, was recognized for the fourth time the qualification of 'international' by the Lombardy Region.
Among the hypotheses is the enlargement of the exhibition space, with a third pavilion. "We have other priorities - explain the organizers - such as the further development of the invitation channels of foreign operators, the expansion and deepening of Italian visitors, some further product grafting and the development of already existing but large potential. The third pavilion, that is, another 15,000 sq. M. Of exposure, is a possibility, it depends on a (positive) set of factors. "
21% of exhibitors arrived from Rho-Pero, mainly from Holland, Denmark, France and Germany. As visitors came (12% of the total), especially from Holland, Switzerland, France and Romania. Presences also from China and Africa, as well as from the rest of Europe and Asia, and, at a residual share, from the Americas and Oceania.
One of the main business areas of Myplant 2017 visitors in general, the world of nurseries was the most popular, while gardeners, specialized resellers and producers are the most representative sectors of the visitors.
 "Visitor profiling allows us to say that more than 50% of them were made up of various sales channels (shopkeepers, gardening centers, agents ...) and the sale of ortho-florist-growers. If we join wholesalers and import / export operators, chain buyers, buyers invited, we find that Myplant has attracted more than a potential buyer immediate every 2 visitors, while a good part of the remaining was represented by potential buyers in A next time (maintainers, gardeners, nurseries, architects, businesses, hotel and tourism industry representatives, professionals and service companies). All this means that the International Fair of Green has brought together the most important actors in the floriculture, landscaping and gardening market in the Lombardy capital of Italy: this is what the exhibitors and the operators are asking for, and that is what the whole chain requires Of green, which is our first 'buyer' ".

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