A garden in the square for the Fuori Salone with Myplant


It is called dOT the outdoor event created for the Fuori Salone 2018 to enhance the monumental complex of the church of San Marco in Brera: a garden in the city, to which Myplant & Garden participated.
From 17 to 22 April, Piazza San Marco is transformed into a lush urban garden with "dOT-design Outdoor Taste", a setting of 400 meters dedicated to nature and outdoor life with some of the world's most prestigious brands in the industry .
An exceptional showcase for the green and outdoor world at the Fuori Salone, in the heart of the Brera Design District
The historic churchyard of Piazza San Marco is thus transformed into an urban garden: a scene of 400 square meters surrounded by greenery, olive trees, myrtle, strelitzie, dracene, aromatic and palm trees, for a selection of prestigious brands of furniture, furnishings, flooring, conservatories, vases, champagne and a light installation.
dOT-Design Outdoor Taste you can visit in Piazza San Marco in Milan from 17 to 22 April, from 11:00 to 23:30 (free admission). The event is organized by VGCrea, partner Myplant & Garden and with the contribution of Marco Migliari and EN Space network; green design, supply and arrangement: Giardini Group, citrus and plant equipment: Giambò Piante and Kostplant.

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