Myplant & Garden postponed to 2021


When the Coronavirus emergency exploded, the 2020 appointment of Myplant & Garden was just a few days away, for which a postponement to September was decided. Now the organizers have made it known that the event has been postponed to 2021. The new dates: from 15 to 17 February 2021.
"The fair had been postponed for 7 months, relying on a recovery, but the current circumstances have convinced exhibitors and organizers to reschedule its development".
They let Myplant know that the slip is the result of the choice expressed by the clear majority of the exhibiting companies, who have had the opportunity to indicate to the organizing secretariat their needs and wishes.
«Myplant was born with the companies and for the companies, which are our first patrimony - they comment from the offices of Myplant - It would have made no sense to give life to the only event of the international caliber sector in Italy without the adequate trust of the companies in the general situation. February 2021 was the option that will allow them to plan their next steps with certainty and better prepare for next year's big event. "
The choice was also shared by international buyers: «The Show would take place and will take place only with the guarantee of maximum safety and the right to move for everyone, and with the possibility of confirming its quality and international standards in compliance with the investments made by all parties involved ».
To better accompany the exhibitors to the next edition, the organization makes a great effort in shifting the fees paid by the companies - although already invested to create the February 2020 edition - on February 2021, committing to building a great appointment again.
In the meantime, Myplant has implemented the new format, to amplify the commercial and communication opportunities of its exhibitors, enriching the digital showcase with current and interesting content for operators. An experience destined to continue over time that integrates the actual exhibition.
Alongside this, Myplant has promoted and signed appeals shared with the sector representatives to highlight the critical issues of the sector to the institutions and find suitable solutions.

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