Myplant Online: the digital green showcase


Myplant & Garden will "physically" return in February, but pending the next February 2021 edition (postponed due to the Coronavirus emergency), the organizers have proposed "Myplant Online", a digital space that "doubles" the event, offering a new and innovative space for exhibitors and visitors. Valeria Randazzo, Exhibition Manager of Myplant & Garden, explains how it works and what new possibilities it offers.
Myplant Online: what is it about?
It is a digital format in which Myplant & Garden exhibitors have the opportunity to showcase their products and services for free, accompanied by technical specifications.
What possibilities does it offer?
With Myplant Online, the show "doubles" and doubles the communicative potential of the exhibitors: the digital showcase achieves - data in hand - very high visit and interaction results. In addition, the update of the Myplant Online showcase is regularly communicated to buyers, so as to lay the foundations for better mutual knowledge and prepare the ground for new business. In view, of course, of the next "physical" edition of Myplant, in February 2021.
What initiatives does it include (courses, conferences, events ...)?
Myplantonline is both a B2B showcase and a content platform. Day by day it is populated with new contributions, both related to the fair in the strict sense, and related to the world of green in general, from greenbuilding to arboriculture, from the motorgarden to the latest market surveys. It will become a webzine for the whole sector, whose operators will find themes, insights and pills useful for their profession. We talk about articles, interviews, reports, food for thought, testimonials. Both written and video. Webinars will also appear shortly.
What will visitors be able to do?
Visitors who deal with markets probably focus their attention on the sections of the b2b showcase: companies and their proposals. Operators more generally find useful topics for their profession in the news and initiatives sections.
What opportunities do exhibitors and economic operators have?
To meet virtually, get to know each other and develop contacts and business at a distance, without the temporal and spatial limits typical of the physical event. To then meet directly and shake hands during the next edition of the show.
How does it relate to the "live" fair appointment?
It accompanies it, feeds and integrates. We are not of the opinion that it can replace it, at least in the medium term. The product categories we deal with, and the people we deal with, need sensations, sensory stimuli and face to face encounters. Myplant Oline accompanies them on this journey of knowledge, comparison and deepening.
How does the platform work? Is registration free?
The platform is decidedly intuitive and studied from the user's point of view, so that it can move easily and find what it is looking for. Registration is free for all our exhibitors, equipped with an ad hoc entry code. Beside, there is the assistance of our offices, always available to resolve any doubts or problems.

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