Myth and Nature: a garden of ancient Rome to Milan


To imagine what it was like a garden of two thousand years ago and which plants keep it, just take a leap in the center of Milan, from 31 July. Because the city of the Expo will host the exhibition Myth and Nature", enriched by a special green space.More than 200 works, coming from Greek, Roman and magnagreca, will be exposed to a path that has as its theme the nature in antiquity. "Myth and Nature" will be inaugurated in late July at the Royal Palace. Outside it will be set up by Lombardy Orticola a garden inspired by the Roman houses, with plants in use nearly two thousand years ago.The exhibition was conceived during Expo2015, with which it shares several themes, in particular the relationship between man and the environment, since ancient times.Be visible painted vases, pottery, statues, paintings, silver objects, from the eighth century BC the second century AD. The course is divided into six sections, with works from leading Italian and European museums.The exhibition is organized by the City of Milan, University of Milan and Salerno, from the Archaeological Museum of Naples, by the Superintendent for Pompeii, Herculaneum and Stabia."


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