Natural farming: going with the botanical


With the arrival of spring Palazzo Madama in Turin proposes a new course of Gardening, curated by the curator botanist Edward Santoro. The four meetings - to be held Wednesday, March 22, April 5, 3 and 10 May 2017 with 15.30 hours - 17.30 - are dedicated to the natural farming techniques to the land fertilization, from pruning to defend against parasitic diseases, through the "tricks" of the gardener.
After the first lecture to be held in the Grand Hall of the museum receptions, the next three events will take place in the Garden of the Princess Bona of Savoy, where ornamental and medicinal plants with fruits and vegetables that occupy the vegetable gardens are grown, the garden of the princess and the groves. With the curator of the Botanical Garden, participants will discover the nursing interventions and management needed to keep the plants healthy and ensure harmony between shapes, colors and volumes, alternating periods of large blooms - like roses - other with plenty of fruits - rare and old - to moments where only the green to lord.
Edward Santoro has a degree in agricultural science and technology and since 2005 deals with the green areas of the Fondazione Torino Musei. At first following the restoration of the Borgo Medieval Garden in Turin and in 2011 by the Green Project of the Garden within the Senate medieval moat. Today it is the curator of both the gardens where, with the help of gardeners and voluntary groups, cultivate ornamental, medicinal plants, fruits and vegetables and put them into practice natural farming techniques to recreate the atmosphere experienced by nobles, monks, residents and gardeners of the medieval
This is the lesson plans:
Wednesday, March 22 -Elements botany: Nomenclature, anatomy and morphology of natural vegetable gardening: history and current events of natural farming methods
 Wednesday, April 5 - Activity in the garden Cultivation techniques: explanation and practical tests pruning roses, shrubs and fruit trees. Categories of plants: overview of evergreen shrubs and recognition of bulbous plants
 Wednesday, May 3 - Activity in the garden Cultivation techniques: the fertilization of the soil, mulch and care of the herbaceous plants in the garden and flower beds by building a small support for unstable plants. Categories of plants: recognition of buds and blossoms of fruit trees and shrubs
 Wednesday, May 10 - activities in the garden Cultivation techniques: the main methods of natural defense against disease with the creation of an infusion made from wormwood and nettles
For Wednesday, February 22, at 17.30, it is instead scheduled a conference devoted to the history of the Garden always curated by Edward Santoro. An opportunity to trace the evolution that the gardens have had in major historical epochs, from antiquity to the present, with particular attention to the Egyptian garden, greek, Roman, Medieval, Renaissance, Italian, French, English, up to the contemporary garden.

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