Natural insecticide pyrethrum


Natural pyrethrum, with killing action and insect repellent, is the basis of Copyr product range designed for different types of plants, garden, balcony and terrace or apartment. The three formulations are united dal'ampio spectrum of action.
Blow is a ready to use insecticide spray that acts by contact against sucking insects (aphids, thrips, whiteflies, psyllids) and defoliating (moths and beetles).
The insecticidal aerosol is ideal for protecting the flowering plants (like Rose, Azalea, Begonia, Geranium, Hydrangea, Oleander) and ornamental plants in the apartment (such as Ficus, Dracaena, Philodendron, Fern) houses, balconies and home gardens by all harmful insects.
It is advisable to spray the product on the foliage to the appearance of pests, without dripping leaves. The product is available in 400 ml bottle format.
Pireco Copyr instead of an insecticide with fast-acting in defense of plants and balcony flowers, apartment and home garden, especially for flowering plants (such as roses, azaleas, begonias, geraniums, hydrangeas, Oleander) and plants green (as Ficus, Dracaena, Philodendron, fern).
The product in concentrated emulsion is available in 50-ml pouch format, with measuring cup included in the package. The treatments must be performed uniformly wetting the plants to the occurrence of infestations, without dripping leaves, and preferably in the cooler hours of the day
Finally, Pyrethrum Garden Copyr is a liquid ready to use insecticide designed for the protection of plants and flowers for balconies, terraces and garden home. In particular, it protects the flowering plants (such as roses, azaleas, begonias, geraniums, hydrangeas and Oleanders) and green plants (such as Ficus, Dracaena, Philodendron, fern).
Due to its knock-down action and repellent, Pyrethrum Garden is an excellent ally against sucking insects (aphids, thrips, whiteflies) and defoliating (moths and beetles).
Plants and flowers are processed directly uniformly wetting the whole surface, including the undersides of the leaves. The product is available in size bottle of 750 ml, equipped with trigger with safety lock

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