Natural olive management course


The innovative natural products and techniques that can be applied to the cultivation of the olive tree: this will be the theme of the technical day of study organized by Giardinieri Bio Etici for January 18th, in Macerata.
The objective, as the organizers explain, is "to offer concrete experiences of natural approaches to cultivation, to know products and management systems for a reduction or replacement of the conventional approach, to favor comparison and exchange among the participants".
A maximum of 30 members can participate in the meeting, to guarantee the possibility of interaction and verification of learning. At the end will be assigned a certificate of attendance, in addition to information material.
Leading the day will be Marco Pulcino, nurseryman and farmer and Francisco Merli Panteghini, bioethical gardener. We will start at 9 with a report on the bioethical approach to gardening and olive cultivation (convex, integrated pest management, biological, permaculture approach). The program continues with the presentation of the general aspects of olive growing: morphology cycle and development, biology of the olive tree, historical and varietal notes.
Then the plant of the arboretum (variety selection, nursery supplies, techniques and design advice), soil management and in the afternoon deepening on fertilization, irrigation and phytosanitary defense; finally the pruning and management of monumental trees.
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