Neumann Italian revolutionized garden maintenance


A single battery and a single loading station for all tools ensure ease of use, but above all economical. In the garden maintenance range of Mission Neumann Italy points to the simplification of the normal operations of use. Brush cutters, hedge trimmers, blowers and chainsaws Mission share the same battery for an ease of use that also becomes economical," says Massimiliano Pez, general manager of Neumann Italy, a company belonging to the German group Neumann Robotics leader in industrial and development of innovative solutions for the outdoors. "Comfort is immediate: to move from one tool to another takes only a few seconds, the time to disconnect the battery from an instrument and connect it to another."When it comes to electricity supply, the battery is always a rather delicate voice. "A trivial example: we think of when we change our phone. It happens quite often to buy a new smartphone, even of the same brand as the old one, and having to change the kit to recharge the battery because the attacks have changed in the meantime. Or to use a smartphone and a tablet: in most cases we have at home two chargers -prosegue Pez-. The range Mission aimed at simplicity with a battery for all the apparatus and a loading station common. Technically speaking about powershare or sharing energy: no need to buy different chargers. "In terms of savings, the benefits of a garden tool battery also affect fuel consumption. "Compared to a machine with a combustion engine, the accounts are made immediately," says the manager of Neumann Italy. "The average consumption of a combustion tool is 1.5 liters per hour, and the average value of the fuel is in the neighborhood of 2 euro per liter since normally are oil-gasoline blends, in a season is easy to hypothesize consume 100 euro for each tool plus the cost of maintenance and the cost of transport to the service centers. How much is a refill? Definitely a lot less and it allows us to operate for 45 minutes more and at a power up to 1kW absolutely analogous to the electric motors and wire explosion. " The charging system is extremely fast: with two batteries available will have virtually no interruption in the work."

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