Neumann Italy "lands" in Switzerland


From Italy to Switzerland, the country will change, but for hedge trimmers, brush cutters, electric saws and Mission robot mower does not change the development strategy. The sale will follow the channels of direct sales as it was developed in Italy. Or a direct sale 2.0: an evolution of the traditional door-to-door or party planning, where he went to enter a customer management through CRM and lead generation, "announces Massimiliano Pez general manager of Neumann Italy. The German group Neumann Robotics has entrusted to their control of the new Italian Neumann Neumann Schwyz, opened in the canton of Schwyz. "It is a challenge that we have accepted" exporting "its sales model in Italy that made us grow a lot," says Pez. Remember: "When three years ago we looked in Italian with garden tools battery Mission, we experienced that the mechanism of traditional direct sales did not work on all products. It was necessary therefore to rethink the model in terms of a product garden: garden tools necessarily must apply to a select audience, "says the manager. "The result was the direct selling 2.0 that leverages a promotion campaign through the network and participation in trade fairs and introduces tools for this relatively new sector: intermediated database and system of recall".Direct selling 2.0 will be the model applied by the new subsidiary Neumann in German-speaking Switzerland. "The Swiss domestic market, in particular the cantons German market is very sophisticated, probably the most interesting of Europe," added the general manager of Neumann Italy. "In the German-speaking Switzerland, there is a great attention to the garden tools battery

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