Neumann: the tools of accident-proof


Maintenance of the garden accessible to all, in total safety. On the occasion of the traditional fair of St. Alexander - scheduled at the fair in Bergamo September 5 to 7 -, Neumann Italian garden tools presents proof of injury. There are in fact some 30,000 domestic accidents (source: ISTAT data processing 2011) that take place every year during the maintenance of the garden. Of the more than 820 thousand accidents monitored in 2011 - of which more than 150 thousand took place in Lombardy - about 4% is due to carelessness and mishandling in the mow or prune the hedges. Handyman few tricks to lower this figure", he pressed Massimiliano Pez, general manager of the Italian branch of Neumann, a company that is carving out a role as a leader in the field of garden tools. "The range Mission has given life to a new philosophy by introducing substantial news regarding lawnmowers and hedge trimmers, betting on the battery. "First of all we are faced with tools that do not have combustion engine is not required then the management of hazardous and flammable. Moreover, compared to electric tools, the lack of a cable that can come in contact with the blades or be an obstacle to those who is operating, ensures greater freedom of movement without hindrance", explains Pez. Just one example: "The drone Garden Mission has a lift sensor so if it rises from the ground, even slightly, the blades will stop automatically to avoid that these may represent a hazard even accidental. The blades come to complete stop after just two seconds thanks to extremely low inertia. In addition, it is designed in such a way as to minimize access to the blades from the ground: the distance from the body of the blade is only 135 millimeters, "says Pez who chose the stage to present the exhibition of Bergamo range. "The importance of safety in the garden tools is crucial," says the manager of Neumann Italy. "There are still many oversights that are engaged in activities that are deemed trivial how to cut a hedge: as much as 16% of all detected incidents occurs during their free time with little maintenance and hobby activities". At the fair of St. Alexander Neumann Italy unveils new tools for the garden maintenance battery and the recent MiniMission, the first drone designed for lawn areas up to 800 square meters. "The common denominator is the safety, handling and economy," says Pez. "Three elements that represent the new philosophy of dealing with the world green" The event Bergamo is in fact over the years become an indisputable point of reference for businesses in the agricultural sector and for fans of the green. To confirm this, the fact that the exhibition areas (indoor and outdoor) the fairgrounds in Bergamo record always sold with an increasing focus of public: in 2013 have been well 46 thousand visitors to the exhibition, 13% more than all 'the previous year. The stand of Neumann Italy is located in Hall B where they are positioned agricultural equipment and machinery for gardening.  The fair takes place in the halls of St. Alexander of Bergamo Fair in Long Street in Bergamo, September 5 to 7. Opening hours: Friday, September 5 from 10 to 22:30 (free entrance)

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