New battery system for all garden tools


An alliance "that will change the world of 18 V battery products". Thus Gardena and Bosch present the agreement signed together to give life to "Power for all alliance", which from 2021 will bring to the market a new 18 V battery system, able to operate many tools, for gardening and DIY from you, with only one battery.
One versatile system
They explain from Gardena: "Power for all alliance is one of the largest cross-brand alliances between the main battery manufacturers in the world and offers the widest variety of applications for the whole home and garden (more than 20 million will be compatible of 18V batteries of multiple power tools). A turning point for the consumer who will no longer have to manage different types of battery and charger, but will find himself having a single versatile system, able to meet all needs both in the home and in the garden. The consequent economic saving is not negligible ».
In a first phase, Gardena will adapt all its 18V battery solutions to the new Power for all alliance system and all the other partners involved in the agreement (Emmaljunga, Gloria Wagner and Rapid) will gradually do the same.
Various products with which Gardena will contribute to the agreement, offering a wide range of battery-powered solutions for all gardening jobs (care of plants, hedges, trees and shrubs and lawns), for irrigation and for cleaning.


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