Vegetable oil for the natural defense of plants


Suitable for all uses, from agriculture to apartment and balcony plants, the new BiozonGarden & Home is an innovative 100% natural vegetable oil, based on ozone, patented by the Multiossigen company. Now it is on sale online and in various sales points in the sector, which have included the product among their offers.
Biozon is a certified solution for organic farming, which allows you to enhance the natural defenses of plants by defending them from viruses and bacteria and rejecting parasites.
BiozonGarden & Home can be used for the care of vegetable plants, small fruit trees, apartment and balcony plants, ornamental and flowering plants. It is a 100% vegetable oil, treated with ozone and therefore with zero environmental impact.
In addition to online and through the network of Multiossigen agents, the Bergamo-based company that patented it is sold in some sales outlets in the sector.
Due to its effectiveness in eliminating the damage caused by organisms harmful to crops (viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites), without using any chemical substance, it is the ideal and biological alternative to pesticides and pesticides. Its function is corroborating and protecting the plant: thanks to ozone, which by stimulating the production of chlorophyll that plays a role comparable to that of the immune system in humans, Biozon is able to prevent the degenerative processes of plants.
 "Biozon is not classifiable as a fertilizer and pesticide - says the managing director of Multiossigen, Manuele Camolese - but it is an invigorating substance able to increase photosynthesis and make plants more resistant to biotic and abiotic stress. It is composed of a mix of oils of Italian origin, including olive oil and soy lecithin, used as a thickener, in which ozone is blown through a procedure patented by Multiossigen. The product increases the plant's ability to resist adversity and has, among others, antibacterial and antifungal effects and can also be used in organic and conventional agriculture ”.
The benefits, scientifically proven, are therefore of a better state of general health of the plants, which involves the preventive and curative action against viruses, fungi and bacteria, but also that repellent against parasites and the increase of the so-called shell life of the product, that is its conservation and a greater lucidity that makes fruit, vegetables and vegetables more inviting and palatable already in the eyes of the consumer at the time of purchase, as well as more healthy at the time of consumption.
Biozon, which won the gold medal at the Innovation Award of Macfrut 2019, the reference fruit and vegetable fair, can be used during the whole crop cycle, in the open field or in protected cultivation, distributed with foliar applications, in irrigation or fertigation, and even after having been diluted with water, at variable conditions depending on the use. In the winter season it prepares the plant for the following seasons and in the pre-harvest phase of fruit and vegetables it also improves its nutraceutical qualities.
BiozonGarden & Home is distributed in two types of packaging: "Garden" in containers of 250 - 500 - 1000 ml; "Home", ready to use, in the 750 ml package.


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