McCulloch and Gardena: new blowers / vacuums


McCulloch and Gardena, brand of the Husqvarna Group, leader in the design and development of solutions for gardening, present the equipment to clean up the spaces of leaves and remains. New design machines for the most demanding users. Technologically advanced, McCulloch introduce to the market the Blower/Vacuum cleaners GBV 325 and 345 and the blower 320 GB. Equipped with a low-emission engine, respectively provide a speed blow of 325, 345 and 320 km/h. Extremely versatile, the GBV 325 and 345 models can be turned into a powerful vacuum cleaner with a suction capacity of 12.2 m3/min simply replacing the hose blowing with a collection bag. Gardena, to remedy the interference of leaves, proposes the blower/vacuum cleaner electric ErgoJet 2500 and Blower AccuJet 18-Li battery, two solutions to clean up the garden quickly and effortlessly, with a blowing capacity respectively of 310 km/h and 190 km/h ErgoJet 2500 is equipped with the system ClickFit that allows the passage from the blower function to that of aspirator and viceversasenza the use of tools. AccuJet 18-Li, free from wires, it is ideal for every user and allows ease of use, with full freedom of movement.

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