New brush cutter high-performance, zero emissions


Distributed exclusively by Sabart, the new brush cutter ST275-GSL Oregon Cordless Tool System with 36V battery PowerNowTM range lithium-ion battery is equipped with the Gator system SpeedLoad of Oregon, which includes a head and a wire drive and boasts loading wire fastest on the market.
The battery is designed with premium cell technology to ensure high performance, constant power and a duration of prolonged labor, it guarantees a total absence of emissions and memory effect.
Four times quieter than a gasoline car, the trimmer ST275-GSL is lightweight (weighs 4.3 kg) and ergonomic. Thanks to the flip-down side guide, is a machine 2-in-1 (brushcutter / trimmer) that allows to perform cutting work and edging with precision and power.
the machine's strength is the innovative cutting system Gator SpeedLoad Oregon: The system, which includes a head and a wire drive, boasts the loading of the fastest on the market yarn. It takes three moves (open head, insert the wire disc and close the print head) and within seconds you can continue with the work.
Each record represents a full charge, you can carry easily in your pocket and is easy to handle. Its small size allow containing the warehouse space and is unpacked for a better environment.
The disc, heat treated, you can halve the cost of the wire, extremely durable and with a duration of up to twice that of a standard wire. The special thread profile with 5 cutting edges ensures a clean and precise cut.
The new ST275-GSL trimmer completes the offer of the lithium range Oregon Cordless Tool System with battery 36V PowerNowTM, which includes the mower LM300, the BL300 blower, the CS250 and CS300 chainsaws, brushcutters ST250 and ST275, the hedge trimmer HT255 the telescopic pole saw PS250 and the worklight WL275 LED 10 W.

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