The new Terna Consorzio Grandi distributori uniti


Combine skills and expertise, to address the current landscape, characterized by tight deadline: with this goal three companies, the A. Capaldo spa, Fraschetta Group and Viglietta Group have created the Terna Consorzio Grandi united distributors.So the three actors present the project, which will be coordinated by Andrea Lenotti: A new business model, able to give further boost growth and to individual companies to improve the offer and service to the market in all its dimensions and components. Develop the relationship with partner suppliers and work for synergies aimed at increasing the strategies and develop priorities. Terna, through this project in a strong and determined relaunches the role of the distributor not only through the product but mainly by growth in support services in relation to the market. "The board of directors chaired by Franco Fraser has called to lead the organization as general coordinator Andrea Lenotti."


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