The new cutter that reaches up to 6 meters


You can reach branches up to 6 meters in height, with the telescopic version of the new Universal Cutter PowerGear by Fiskars, the company's 2018 novelty for the garden sector.
The cut is made easier and less tiring, while the orange support of the blade is a great help to ensure precision and greater visibility.
Two versions: adjustable telescopic that allows to reach 6 meters in height or standard, which reaches 4 meters in height.
The head can be adjusted up to 230 ° with a practical blade locking / unlocking system.
"The comfortable and ergonomic handle offers optimal grip and improves the comfort of using the tool. The knob at the end of the tool becomes a real handle reducing the effort and increasing the cutting performance. Finally, the anti-slip base prevents the tool from falling during storage, "explain Fiskars.

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