New diggers for greenhouses or light soil


At EIMA 2016, Selvatici will present a new range of diggers ideal especially for greenhouse crops in sandy or slightly heavy soils.
"It is - explained the company - of machines whose distance (spacing) between the spades has been slightly increased in a manner to have an equal width spading machine a smaller number of tools and therefore a lower weight. This allows to achieve a excellent working width even with low-power tractors that are most used by horticulturists and even less impact on the ground in terms of weight. the maximum working depth reached by this series of machines is 35 cm ".
The new digging machine are equipped with transmission lever with three speed with the possibility of operating at 1000 or 540 turns of according to needs of PTO.
The range consists of models from 190 cm in width up to 400 centimeters, with a number of spades from 6 to 14.
"The seals connecting rod - and conclude by the company - are (optional) steel, the lubricant is fat; the control is quick and you run every 50 hours; it is the solution that ensures maximum reliability.
Numerous accessories allow you to perfectly adapt the characteristics of the machine to customer needs. The digging does not create the typical sole of rotary working or to tow and you delete the existing one with obvious advantages for interchange of fluids and of the roots. The rotation of the ground makes it also the burying of fertilizers, manure, maize stalks, etc.. It is optimal and especially distributed evenly throughout the machined depth ".

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