New edition of EcoTechGreen 2015


ECOtechGREEN the International Forum, which will take place between Wednesday 9 and Thursday, September 10 as part of Flormart, exhibition sector addressed to the nursery, will ExpoECOtechGREEN declined in 2015, due to the strong bond with the Universal Exhibition and the numerous cultural contributions International provided. The event will indeed see the arrival of innovative projects on the use of green technology from Europe, but also the participation of several speakers, including designers of large developing countries such as Qatar, which have already confirmed their participation and that will present to over 400 professionals expected, projects and reflections concerning the themes of the Forum. The event will be shaped as an important opportunity for training for various professionals, thanks to the many collaborations and synergies brought into play. Paysage intends to once again pursue and deepen the development of methods inclusive of green in urban centers, in order to support a demineralization of the city dense towards the opportunity to promote a fertile fabric that promote processes of biodiversity for the reconstruction of a balanced man -the nature, desirable in the projection of population growth metropolitan. Green technology, not only as green roofs or integrated architecture, but also in its broadest sense, is therefore essential if the focus of reflection and of the event, because today the city is a body so dense and complex as to require a technological component for the insertion of the green. Two other big novelty of 2015: collaboration with Padova Promex, Special Agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Padua, for the promotion of the initiative at an international level in close connection with the Expo, which will develop important synergies, and the promotion of the event by the Regional Federation of Associations of Architects of the Veneto.

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