New autonomous electric mower


The latest innovation from Peruzzo will be officially presented at Eima 2021: Robofox E-Drive, the electric tracked mower capable of autonomously repeating the work instructions indicated by the user.
They explain from Peruzzo: "A year of research and experimentation is what has characterized the activity of Peruzzo Srl, whose efforts of the technical, production and commercial department have mainly focused on experimenting with novelties that could satisfy a demanding and attentive public. concept of "low environmental impact", but always looking for professional and lasting solutions. Hence the two new models that will be officially presented, albeit in prototype form, on the occasion of Eima 2021: Robofox E-Drive and Robofox X-Drive ».
New work tools, always attentive to the safety of the operator and the surrounding environment.
Robofox E-Drive is an electric tracked mower (also available with the application of a bucket for snow handling in the X-Drive version), whose main differentiation from the "basic" electric version of which it shares the chassis, lies in the possibility to define the work area, memorize it and have the machine repeat it in complete autonomy for an infinite number of times.
With a working speed of 5 km / h and with an inclination of the worked area that can be reached up to 25 ° = ~ (46%), this flail mower has an independent lifting and lowering system of the front cutting unit.
This device, referring to the instructions given by the operator during the very first "teaching" phase (called DRIVE), causes the machine to memorize and archive them until the next required use (REPEAT). The working path is constantly monitored by the machine, preventing the vehicle from deviating its gear from the originally predefined path.
In line with the needs of a “smart” clientele, machine management can be carried out comfortably through a special web-app which is immediately valid for all electronic devices.
Finally, and for the Italian market, a 4.0 KIT is available which allows, taking advantage of the benefits of the 2021 Budget Law, an economic advantage of over 50% on the purchase made: a really great opportunity to renew.


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