New Greenworks pruning chainsaw


Greenworks presents the new GD40TCS pruning chainsaw, with a 40 V battery. Light weight, ease of use and excellent performance (thanks to the Digipro brushless motor) are some of its strengths.
The bar is 25 cm long, the chain pitch is 1/4, the chain speed of 16.2 m / s. The new Greenworks model mounts lateral chain tensioner to allow a quick and easy adjustment of the chain tension. The chain brake ensures a quick stop of the blade, in just 0.15 seconds.
The steel hook, strong and resistant, allows you to hook the chain saw to the belt very easily, making it suitable for tree climbing work.
The chain saw weighs 2.4 kg. The noise level is 102 dB (A). The capacity of the oil tank is 120 ml; the model GD40TCS is equipped with an automatic oil pump, with an oil cap with easy opening and closing.

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