New grubbers for a garden without weeds and pesticides


Rid the garden of weeds without resorting to pesticides: for this Fiskars has created (and now renovated) a range plows, to make the work less tiring and safe. Launched for the first time in 2004, Fiskars grubbers are now being replicated in an expanded and improved range: The design of the pedal - explained the company - has been enhanced to better position the grass blades and make removal easier of weeds andits roots. " The models are three: Xact, ergonomically designed, the SmartFit the adjustable handle and Light, Light and handy to use because it is made of aluminum. "Spring is the best season to fight weeds because the soil is moist and aerated. Once cleaned the lawn of weeds you can enjoy the results throughout the summer, "says Alessandra Maggi Senior Go To Market Director South West Europe Fiskars.The grubber Fiskars Xact has a black handle and a new ergonomic handle that allows the user to keep the wrist in the right position, making it easier to work and reducing stress. The model Fiskars SmartFit has a telescopic handle made of aluminum and weighs about 450 grams lighter than the previous model. The length of the handle can be adjusted from 99cm to 119cm depending on the height of the user. measurements are marked on the handle of different lengths to help you find the right setting. An absolute novelty is the stylish grubber Fiskars Light, the lightest and most compact of all grubbers Fiskars, as easy to use as it is beautiful to see."All renewed plows Fiskars models - continue the company - are made of lightweight and durable aluminum, while the blades are made of stainless steel. Even the release mechanism has been the subject of innovations to ensure that the weeds come off faster. The robust mechanism with four blades is patented. "But how the grubbers? The tool is placed in the lawn and the blades embedded in the ground using the handle ergonomically designed. The blades reach the ground deeply and grasping the root of the weed. The grubber is extracted from the ground by pulling with the slightly inclined handle to remove the roots easily. pressingthe handle, the weed is automatically turned off by the blades without having to dirty your hands touching the ground."

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