A new headquarters for Stonecity


"A calibrated and elegant design that uses internal spaces in alternation between full and empty, lights and shadows," so Granulati Zandobbio presents the winner of the contest to "design" the new company headquarters in Stonecity
Ben 334 groups from 13 countries who participated in their work, totaling 154 projects; six months has elapsed for public exposure.
An international jury, coordinated by Remo Capitanio and chaired by Andrea D'anrassi of MAD architects, Alberto Mottola of the Demogo studio, Novella Cappelletti, director of Paysage magazine, Guglielmo Pelliccioli of the Quotidiano Immobiliare and Gianni Sottocornola, holder of Granulati Zandobbio, examined the projects received in four days of work that led to the definition of award-winning projects
The first prize went to work proposed by the parent company Nicola di Pietro di Padova.

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