Zucchetti presents the Palazzo dell'Innovazione


Cutting the ribbon for the Palazzo dell'Innovazione: the new Zucchetti Centro Sistemi building will host the robotics and green innovation divisions. It is the third building of the Tuscan company in Valdarno Aretino, in Terranuova Bracciolini.
It is a modern, functional and highly technological building characterized by materials and Smart Technologies designed by ZCS to minimize energy consumption, with vertical green on external walls and interior furnishings in glass and wood, 100% recyclable.
The new Palazzo will host the Robotics and Green Innovation divisions with their intelligent and ecofriendly products Ambrogio, Nemo and Azzurro, dedicated to the increasingly technological home of the future, but more attentive to the protection of the environment and human wellbeing.
 "Today is an important moment for the entire company, for the entire armature of the Valdarno, and perhaps not only: a new eco-sustainable building to create an Innovation Pole, to express a deep roots in the territory, to give continuity to the commitment and trust of a company towards its collaborators, technological and commercial partners, young people and institutions "said Fabrizio Bernini, President of Zucchetti Centro Sistemi.
The economic and financial investment has been consistent and in line with the entrepreneurial ethics of the President, to equip the company itself and the territory that hosts it and that has allowed the growth of efficient structures and works of primary urban regeneration and mobility, as well as industrial. Technology and innovation at the service of the person in respect of health and well-being.
With these premises, the new building has been created: 3,000 square meters divided between Production and Mechanical Workshops for the Ambrogio robotic lawnmowers on the ground floor and the executive and commercial offices on the upper floor under the banner of the "smart & green" concept.
The ground floor will host the third ZCS robotic production site, which will be added to the current ones always located in the Valdarno.
"In the new building Two production lines will be activated, with 26 total stations and 4 total testing desks. To achieve a total production of over 400 robots a day to enable us to meet the ever-increasing demands from all markets, "says Divisional Manager Robotics Massimo Innocenti. "Made in Italy robotics, in our case Made in Tuscany, is becoming more and more established in the international scenario characterized by low-value mass products and low efficiency: our robots are designed, designed, built and assembled in our area and aim to offer the best customer experience with the most advanced technology. "
One element that contributes to ZCS's business growth is the quest to maximize interdivisional synergy: exploit the technological know-how developed and implemented on a product and then translated onto a new solution, also favoring design customization.
"We are aware that the market recognizes us a first level role in innovation and for this reason we decided to combine the demo rooms in a single showroom and to promote the new concept of Casa Green to underline how the combination of technology and nature is the 'common element of the House of the Future: Ambrogio, Nemo and Azzurro are our flagship and ecofriendly flagship products aimed at the end user, equipped with the most innovative ZCS technology, "continues Nesti.
"Even the same robot production lines will be ZCS branded: in fact the Ambrogio robotic assembly chains are automated systems that will allow to maximize the daily production, the production line has been designed in order to have in a single area fully visualized all the process phases (direct and indirect), the spaces have been managed and parceled out based on the careful study of workflows, material flows, and process, product and quality information "intervenes Francesco Ivano Paternò . "Thanks to the assembly line and handling of the robots, the assemblers of ZCS will work in highly ergonomic positions, in total safety, the phases of the assembly process of the electromechanical components respect high quality standards, each step is traced step by step this means that the assembly department of the ZCS robots is in effect an applied example of industry 4.0 "reiterates Massimo Innocenti.

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