Briggs & Stratton Launches Instart technology: the new start generation


**Briggs & Stratton, the world leader in the market for engines, is known for its philosophy of continuous improvement in performance and ease of use of its engines. Recent surveys conducted by the company have shown that for the end users the easy starting a lawn mower is one of the most important features that are taken into account during the purchase.***48% of respondents who use electric mower claims that he bought a lawn mower engine because of the difficult start".**"56% of respondents say that the pull starter and 'one of the things they love less in their lawnmowers".*Already in 2006 with the launch of the engine Briggs & Stratton DOV has clearly demonstrated its commitment to improve convenience for the end user in terms of easy starting. The combination of ReadyStart with the patented DOV (Direct Overhead Valve) marked a whole new standard for the market, winning several awards and appreciated by customers, both by manufacturers.It is precisely from these assumptions that Briggs & Stratton now comes to the final launch of the technology in terms of easy starting of gasoline engines: InStart iS (Instant Starting Technology) is an innovative system that allows you to start the engine with a single touch, without starter rope, without priming the carburetor, no air control lever.*"It is the perfect combination of power and start smart".*InStart, mounted on new Briggs & Stratton DOV 775iS, will be launched in Italy at the fair EIMA of Bologna (November 12 to 16, Hall 33, Stand C13). This innovative start system uses the latest technology of lithium batteries, integrated directly into the engine. The battery is rechargeable in 10 minutes to ensure more than 10 starts, or 60 minutes to over 50 outward. After inserting the battery, the engine starts by safety lever, button or key.The technology of lithium batteries ensures easy starting, immediate and repeated, without the need to recharge after every use. Thanks also to the choice between safety lever, button or the usual key, InStart ensures easier ignition of always and eliminates the need of traditional operation to tearing.Briggs & Stratton DOV 775iS then combine the power and features of petrol engines with the simplicity of starting an electric mower. The package READYSTART ™ also reduces the risk of engine flooding, soil the spark plug, and eliminates the need to manually trigger the carburetor and the air control lever control before starting the engine.*"90% of respondents found the engine Instart much easier to start than they believed".**"84% of respondents who use electric mower claims that would buy a lawn mower engine if goodwill is easier".***No more starter cable, no electrical cable, only switching effortlessly**Power and performance of gasoline, reliable and durable starter battery. The first engine in its class without starter cord - an innovation that marks a new frontier for easy starting, only by Briggs & Stratton!For more information, follow us on:"


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