The new modular and connected lawnmower robot


Modular and connected: these are two of the main features and innovations of the new Ambrogio lawnmower robots, presented in 2018 by Zucchetti Centro Sistemi. Paolo Burali, Zucchetti Centro Sistemi's Sales Director robotics division, presents them in this video interview.
Good morning Paolo, come and give us some information about the Zucchetti Centro Sistemi SpA company.
Hello everyone, I am Paolo Burali Sales Director of the Robotics Division of Zucchetti Centro Sistemi (ZCS). The company was founded in 1985 by an entrepreneurial initiative of Fabrizio Bernini, now a shareholder and president of the company. In 2000 ZCS became part of the holding company Zucchetti SpA, the first Italian software company; always in 2000 the first Ambrogio lawnmower robots were born.
Your Ambrogio mower robot is now a leader in its field. Can you explain to us what are the main characteristics of your product?
For 18 years on the market, Ambrogio can boast the largest range of robotic lawnmowers worldwide, with robots that handle any type of green area, from 200 square meters to 30,000 square meters. All Ambrogio models are equipped with lithium-ion batteries that, together with powerful motors and performance blades, guarantee high cutting performance.
Ambrogio's advanced navigation systems make it possible to better cover the area to be mowed in the shortest possible time.
What was the best-selling Ambrogio model in Italy in 2017? For which garden area and for which use is it indicated?
The best-selling Ambrogio model in Italy in 2017 is the L30 (line 30), which has 3 models (L30 Deluxe, L30 Elite, L30 Elite S +) capable of managing areas from 800 square meters to 2,000 square meters. Its particular design, with rectangular front, allows the robot to work perfectly even in complex gardens, which have small maneuvering spaces, hedges, flowerbeds and ponds. In addition, Ambrogio L30 deals with slopes up to 45% and can manage up to 4 separate areas of the same garden, moving from one to another in complete autonomy.
Zucchetti Centro Sistemi is always innovating its Ambrogio range of robots. In 2018 have technological innovations been developed? What are they?
2018 sees the debut on the market of the brand new Ambrogio 4.0 model. One of its main characteristics is represented by modularity.
The retailer can in fact compose the robot according to the needs of his client's garden, simply by installing the right kit of batteries and cutting system, to better cover the area to be shaved.
With Ambrogio 4.0 it will be possible to manage areas of 600 square meters up to 8,000 square meters, in 2018 the maximum manageable floor area is 3,200 square meters.
A second important innovation is represented by the ZCS Connect system, present on some models of the Ambrogio 2018 range. This new device allows you to connect and interact with your robot via smartphone (using the Ambrogio Remote App), anytime and anywhere. Through the APP the robot sends alerts to my smartphone to indicate if it is working, if it is charging, etc. All this, besides representing an advantage for the end customer, will also allow ZCS an improvement in terms of assistance, as we will have direct and continuous information with our robots.
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