New 4-stroke gasoline engine line


Performance, reliability, modern design and compact size: these are the features of the new four-stroke air-cooled four-stroke range airline introduced by Sabart.
Designed in the OHV configuration (head valves), they are suitable for installation on various types of garden care machines and soil processing. Sabart vertical motors, mainly used in lawnmowers, tractors and motorbikes, have a range of power ranging from 2 kW of the SRV110 to 15.5 kW of the SRV670.
Horizontal (conical or cylindrical) shaft motors have a wider range ranging from the trolley bucket to the air compressor, from asphalt to go-kart, cross-cutting across sectors. Sabart branded horizontal motors are available in more than 10 different configurations, with a power ranging from 1.4 to 15.5 kW.
"All the engines of the new range - they explain from the company - stand out for its excellent performance and high reliability over time, modern design and compact size. They offer the ultimate in comfort thanks to ease of start-up, low noise, vibration and reduced fuel consumption. "

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