New opening for the gardens of Villa della Pergola at Alassio


With the arrival of spring re-open to the public the gates of Villa della Pergola in Alassio: from March 14 it will resume the guided tours of the gardens, a rare example of Anglo-Mediterranean park in our country.The tours will continue until the end of October, so offend the chance to see all the beautiful blooms of the Mediterranean scrub and exotic flora that characterize the gardens.Guided tours by reservation will be held on Saturday and Sunday, starting at 9.30 / 11.30 / 15.00 / 17.00. During the week, you can book tours for groups only. For reservations: tel. +39 0182.646130 - Overlooking the Gulf of Alassio, the park the natural contour of the hill on several terraced levels joined by pergolas characteristics that give the name to Villa and on which will bloom, since the spring, the wisteria, the collection consists of over 20 different varieties shapes and colors.These fragrant flowers were particularly loved by the family Hanbury, owner of Villa della Pergola for most of the twentieth century. In the years after the end of World War II, in fact, precisely during their flowering Ruth Hanbury was used to organize the Festival of Wisteria" which was attended by writers, journalists and old officers of the British Empire.  To coincide with the reopening of Gardini, March 14 also reopen the Relais Villa della Pergola.The Relais offers guests the unique opportunity to stay in what is a true architectural masterpiece of the end '800, whose history is closely linked to that of the English community who had elected, between 1800 and 1900, this corner Riviera between his favorite winter resort."


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