Works completed for the new Dynamo Camp park


Last remakes and finished work in the new green space of Dinamo Camp, created by Myplant & Garden following the creative design contest launched in the 2017 edition of the event. The subject of the intervention was the arrangement of a large area within the ownership of the Dinamo Camp onlus association.
The competition, won by architect Luigi Serio-PRR architects, required a redevelopment of a batch of nearly 5,000 square meters, with particular attention to issues such as animal fencing, vegetable garden, snack / rest / hobby area and l 'access to the pool. All in the sign of accessibility for those with motor difficulties.
The Dynamo Camp Onlus Association offers recreational therapy programs for children and adolescents from 6 to 17 years with severe or chronic diseases, mainly oncoematologic, neurological and diabetes, in therapy or post hospitalization
Following the competition in February 2017, the survey began in April 2017, the work was essentially concluded these days.
"In addition to architect Luigi Serio-PRR architects," explains Myplant & Garden, "we remember the commitment of architect Umberto Andolfato to coordinate all the pre and post-competition times, the collaboration of the students of the Minoprio Foundation, as well as the members of the jury (from the Master in Landscape Design and Landscape Design - PoliMi, AIAPP, Milan Architetti Order and Minoprio Foundation).
"This beautiful experience, which has joined some of the country's best energies - creativity, association, and green - has achieved something that is doubly useful, infinitely practical and ethically exemplary."
Myplant & Garden was able to accomplish this thanks to the participation of realities and businesses who believed in the project: the Myplant & Garden Consortium, Bonfante, Criplax, Modularte, Tutor International.

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