New professional bars and chainsaw harvesters


Sabart, the exclusive distributor for Oregon products in Italy, extends the range of professional light guide bars and harvester blades with the introduction of three new products: for the segment of the light chain saw, next to the newly introduced SpeedCutTM, Two new models come in range, ControlCutTM and VersaCutTM.
Lightweight and easy to handle, these are bars designed to provide precise cuts with less effort for the operator and deliver superior performance.
"They are robust bars - they explain from the company - with rigidity and exceptional control thanks to the new aerospace technology coupling. The toe design and the most robust slackening lengthen the lifespan of the product, while LubriTec lubrication system ensures optimal oil circulation. "
The ControlCutTM are standard bar guides with narrow beam tips (10 teeth) for reduced kickbacks, ideal for chain saws up to 65 cc, while VersaCutTM comes with a large beam cap, perfect for use in a wide range of professional applications .
New in harvester, the SpeedmaxTM XL bar is the ideal choice for those who work in the field of woodworking and is looking for a state-of-the-art product that can reduce workloads and reduce effort.
With a large steel bar body, the SpeedmaxTM XL has a long interchangeable tip with 14-spoke spool, designed to increase durability and reliability of work.
The high-strength steel alloy (molybdenum and chromium) gives maximum strength to the body bar and robustness to the tracks with excellent wear and tear resistance.
The LubriTec system maintains chain and lubricated bar to ensure minimal friction and longer life.
The SpeedmaxTM XL bar is compatible with most harvester machines.


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