New professional pruning shears


Powerful, safe, light and reliable, to meet all pruning needs: from Pellenc two new models of professional shears C35 and C45. The new generation of Pellenc scissors was previewed during the Pellenc Italy national convention, which was also the occasion to celebrate the company's 25th anniversary.
Power and reliability ensured by over 3 years of field tests.
The new scissors are equipped with the innovative Active Security anti-cut system, patented by Pellenc, which is based on the principle of the natural bioimpedance of the body: the blade stops immediately in case of contact with the hand, with or without Pellenc gloves.
The new models feature a new cutting head that offers a pruning capacity of 35mm (model C35) or 45mm (model C45). They are powered by the ULiB 150, 150P or 250 battery, guaranteeing a day of minimum autonomy.
Perfect for arboriculture and green maintenance works.
Still in the green field, Pellenc also presented the new Helion 3 hedge trimmer, a natural evolution of its predecessor Helion2, but with a new safety system, new quick release connector, as well as a general reinforced structure of the machine.
Finally, the range of equipment with onboard Alpha battery is also extended with the arrival of the new Cultivion Alpha weeder; among the novelties for 2022 also the Power48 olive harvesting facilitator.
"Two days in which there was no lack of time for the celebrations for the 25 years of activity - say Pellenc - where he remembered who was present in 1997, the year of the foundation of the Italian branch, and thanked those who contribute every year with seriousness, professionalism and commitment to enthusiastically pursue the philosophy of the forerunner brand in the battery-powered equipment market ".

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