New professional hedge trimmers


DH165ST and DH185ST are the new professional Shindaiwa models double blade, Euro 2 engine, the rotating handle and easy start Soft-StartThe particular design of the body, with the handle raised with respect the gearbox, allows the blades to slide smoothly on hedge, ensuring precise cuts and smudge. Furthermore, the efficient system vibration makes each extremely comfortable working. The two models differ in the length of the blade. **AHS243SLW** and **AH243SLW** are the new rod models, the first is to short rod and the second is a long pole, ultralight and with an extraordinary relationship power to weight. Compared to previous models, the blades were changed in form and in the movement speed to greatly improve the already high cutting efficiency. Reliability, durability, comfort in use, light weight and professional services are the strengths of these two new hedge trimmers. The model boasts a long rod adjustable rod from 0 to 180 degrees and - 60 degrees, to work in a comfortable irrespective of the height of the hedge to be cut.


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