New promotion Kaercher


It will start on May 15, the new Kaercher's promotion waiting from this July 28 the new chapter of the saga of Ghostbusters". The initiative - in partnership with Warner Bros - and active until July 15 - turns the spotlight on the new Kaercher pressure washers Full Control and Multipurpose WD vacuum cleaners, in fact for every product purchased including those on promotion, the consumer will receive a free book of tickets to go to the movies and see one or more movie entertainment. All buyers of the listed products will participate in a final draw and win a trip to New York for the whole family in the places of the new Ghostbusters film. An engaging guided tour through the most famous areas of this cult films: Rockefeller Center at the Public Library - monumental library of New York-, up to the headquarters of the "Ghostbusters". The move will take place in a car very special ...To take advantage of the promotion, the end user must simply buy any Kaercher pressure washer Full Control, also in kit version, or one of the multifunction vacuum cleaners Series WD (WD 3-4-5-6, even in the Premium version) or aspiracenere AD 3 Premium. Then must register on the section and mail the material as evidence of buying at ICT Labs Srl, Via Narni 211 Int. 14-05100 Terni."


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