New battery range Echo


Since autumn 2016 Echo has introduced three new machines with exclusive Lithium-Ion battery, 50V, powerful and extremely efficient. A trimmer, a hedge trimmer and a blower with battery 2 Ah or 4 Ah depending on the model and also available separately. The original batteries Echo are the same for all three machines and, thanks to the Lithium-Ion technology, guarantee high energy flow density while maintaining a low weight, unlike other batteries that are heavier and less efficient. The battery-powered machines Echo Mountain Brushless motors, reliable, versatile and durable. In fact, this type of motor allows a long life with minimal maintenance, thanks to the absence of parts subject to wear. The comfort of use is guaranteed for each model since all three are provided with ergonomic handle and a variable speed control which allows for greater efficiency in performance and, together with the current control system, protects from the risk of electrical overloads. The use of a car battery ensures many advantages for the operator: low vibration, low noise, minimal operating costs, zero emissions, and incredible ease of use in all conditions.
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