New range of John Deere lawn mowers


John Deere renews its range of mowers available on the market from February 2015 For models R54S (SA1594), R54V (SA1595), R54VE (SA1596), JX90 (SA1597) is prescribed a new handle from 54 cm which offers a new look, with a covering which covers the brake control - blade and the lever of the speed in the upper part. Bowden cables are well bonded to the handle to avoid getting caught in the branches while using near bushes and trees. A soft touch handle reduces fatigue, even prolonged use. The variable speed models R54V, R54VE, JX90 are already equipped with gearshift speed oscillating that facilitates setting the desired speed and reduces the risk of misuse (this feature has already been implemented successfully on models from 43 cm and 47 cm). The Quick Fold away handle, already introduced with great success in 2014 on the model PRO 47V, will also be available in models JX90C and JX90CB, and allow the user to easily carry the mower in vehicles or small trucks and with limited space. Most Gator utility vehicle can carry the mower while keeping the handle shape for road transport. The professional mowers also benefit from upgrades in terms of design and ergonomics mentioned above. As for the lawn mower C52KS, JX90C & JX90CB, the Subaru engine already used on the PRO 47V model will replace the current engine Kawasaki. Among the advantages offered by the new engine stand a lower oil consumption and reduced emissions thanks to the air / oil separation, ability to operate on gradients up to 30 ° due to the lubrication of the chain of transmission, and optimal mowing even under difficult conditions with a constant cutting quality thanks to high torque and speed. On the front of the comfort of use is noted an appreciable reduction in noise, a reduced effort startup, an easy winter storage thanks to drain the fuel from the carburetor, and remarkable ease of transport and cleaning, facilitated by the presence of a stop valve of the fuel. The reliability, in the best tradition of John Deere, is guaranteed by the use of components of excellent quality. In order to obtain a significant reduction in weight, has also been introduced a further innovation. Alongside the Subaru engine, weighing less than about 1 kg compared to the previous year, the chassis of the motor protection will be eliminated dall'allestimento standard remains available as an option, allowing you to get an overall weight reduction of 6.5 kg and thus making the mower easier to carry and maneuver. On models from 54 cm will be finally introduced a new wheel series, lighter and with a side profile more resistant to bumps and scratches. Both the models for domestic and professional range will also be equipped with new transmissions which, in addition to a superior fluidity of grafting, offer greater durability.

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