New Shindaiwa brush cutters


With the arrival of spring the range of Shindaiwa brushcutters is renewed with the following models, all to try.

The T262XS for a mainly private use, without sacrificing power and comfort, thanks to the efficient anti-vibration system and the very low emissions.

The brand new T302TS, with a 30.5 cc displacement. and high torque technology, boasts an exceptional weight / power ratio for professional performance.

The T360T with C4 engine and displacement of 36.3 cc., New silent trimmer, powerful and very low consumption. Thanks to the high torque system and the 4-stroke engine, it ensures low noise, reduced emissions and engine stability in all working conditions. Suitable for professional use.

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Shindaiwa brush cutters have always been appreciated for their cutting power, low weight and ease of use. For professionals and maintenance technicians, High Torque technology is recommended, which guarantees reduced consumption and increased performance up to 50% more than traditional machines. Each Shindaiwa product is designed to last over time ensuring efficiency in any working condition.

Warranty extension from 1 to 2 years for professional use, from 2 to 5 years for private use.

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