Spare parts, new shop Powered by Kramp


Kramp, wholesaler of spare parts for agriculture, gardening and forestry, opens its sixth store in Italy with a view to continuously expanding the PBK, Powered By Kramp formula.
In Italy, there are now six points of sale: two in Lombardy, one in Piedmont, one in Veneto and two in Emilia Romagna.
The sixth Powered By Kramp store was inaugurated on March 12 a few kilometers from the Kramp headquarters, right in the city of Reggio Emilia.
LAM Store, owned by Luca and Alessia Parmigiani, is proposed in the city as a new point of sale for farmers, contractors and hobbyists: 70 square meters of exhibition space where customers can choose original and compatible technical spare parts and accessories from the best brands for tractors, harvesting, equipment and many other items such as LED lighting, paints, workwear, tillage parts, cameras, products for animal husbandry, livestock care and a wide range of products for gardening and forestry.
For adhering commercial partners, mainly agricultural dealers and spare parts dealers, the Powered By Kramp formula aims to increase sales thanks to a diversified offer that extends both the portfolio of end customers and the ranges on display, supporting the end customer in every agricultural activity and season of the year.
Kramp's support of Powered By Kramp network partners includes designing and installing a modern store layout, providing advertising tools, training sales associates to create a great shopping experience for customers, as well as IT systems to analyze sales trends and inventory rotation.

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