New "stage" of the Delta Road Tour


Saturday, October 18, the visitors to the garden center of Cermenate (CO) will be able to admire the colorful violets Syngenta FloriPro Services, exhibited in over sixty colors. Visitors will also have advices for the selection and maintenance of the variety most suitable for them. A new appointment with the Delta Road Tour, an event dedicated to the colorful violets organized by Syngenta FloriPro Services that this year will mark the autumnal season floriculture. Saturday, October 18th will be the turn of the Cattaneo Garden Center Cermenate (CO): a unique opportunity to see first hand some of the most fascinating assortment varieties of violets Do it Delta, with their delicate perfume and the wide range of colors . Eyes fixed on the beautiful protagonists, then, of which it will be possible to appreciate over sixty variety of shapes and shades. Among these you will be able to admire such as violets Delta, the large-flowered vittrockiana - perfect for autumn and spring - but also Colosuss F1, characterized by giant flowers and resistant to warmer temperatures. There will also ultimogenite family, horned violets Deltini ™. This edition of the Delta Road Tour visitors will be asked to express their opinion by voting for the most beautiful purple and so will receive a nice gift. A full immersion in the most seductive scents and colors, enhanced by the presence of a Syngenta Technical Services FloriPro ready to explain to visitors the secrets and the characteristics of the different pansies Family Do it Delta, methods of cultivation and maintenance to enhance them ideal . To explore the potential of the set, which represents about 20% of the violets marketed in Italy, you can also visit www.doitdelta.it.


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