New strategies for Italian floriculture


What has been achieved between Radicepura Garden Festival and the International Exhibition on Florivivism Flormart is an important, as well as symbolic, mutual commitment. The handshake was traded in the margins of a meeting between Mario Faro, creator of the biennial Radicepura Garden Festival and Luca Griggio, CEO of Geo Spa and Flormart Sistema 365.
"Italian florivivismo deserves an international breakthrough. To do this, it is necessary for the main players in the market to adopt a common strategy to propose to political-institutional actors, overcoming the fragmentation of the representations, explained Mario Faro. This commitment laid the foundations for a collaboration that will have the purpose of developing a common, shared road show, to be proposed at the ministerial table of competence. "
"The starting point for this synergy - commented Luca Griggio - is surely the presence of the Giardino Italia installation at the Radicepura Garden Festival. It is a silhouette of the boot set up with plants representing the Italian biodiversity, and in fact, the production of Italian floricultural companies. Radicepura Garden Festival - said Faro - will become a promoter, together with Flormart, a path that can concretely define winning strategies to compete in international and global scenarios through excellence and products made in Italy.
In our country, floriculture is a bit of diamond. In fact, it is a growing industry with a strong connotation aimed at exporting, which is what the country's economy needs to regenerate. To do this, they explained to those interested in the meeting, it is necessary to strengthen the b2b network and create a loyal relationship with the buyers.
Scheduled on the calendar of forthcoming meetings: a concert table in Rome, a sharing session in September during the Salon Flormart and the closing presentation of the project at the end of October at Radicepura (Giarre).

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