New techniques for urban greenery


With the entry into force of the "Guidelines for the Application in the Lombardy of the National Action Plan for the Sustainable Use of Phytosanitary Products", their use in areas populated by the population or vulnerable groups, in the urban environment, long Roads and railways are subject to the requirements set out by the NAP.
Since the use of plant protection products in these areas represents a potential public health risk and can contribute to reducing the quality of water resources, the Lombardy Region has adopted from January 1, 2016 some additional prevention measures, placing Pay particular attention to the use of herbicides.
To provide gardeners and maintainers of greenery, and in general to those working within the urban green area, all the useful information on recent regulatory updates and show which techniques can be used as alternative to herbicides (and with what results). The Minoprio Foundation has Organized a convention, accompanied by field trials.
The conference on the containment of spontaneous flora in extra-agricultural environments has on the one hand proposed a synthesis of the new rules governing this discipline and on the other show the main means of struggle available today on the market. Indeed during the day it was possible to verify not only the functioning, but also the actual effectiveness of various disruption solutions (such as pyrodiserbo, pelargonic acid, or some mechanical systems) alternative to the use of herbicides and in particular glyphosate.

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