New trimmer by Black+ Decker


With a range of up to 1 hour (in Eco mode), this model is ideal for medium-sized gardens and is a viable alternative, more comfortable and environmentally friendly, the combustion products.High performance is ensured by lithium battery 18 V 4.0 Ah and a cutting width of 30 cm.In addition, the automatic line feed with AFS system allows for more precise, clean cuts without having to manually adjust the length of the wire and the wheel edging ensures better control.In addition, the selector Powerselect lets you choose between two modes: Turbo (more power) and Eco (greater autonomy), so as to adapt better to the various needs and working conditions.The low weight and the excellent balance ensure a comfortable use, without stress on posture and with a considerable reduction of fatigue during use.The gear transmission allows to maintain constant speed and provides excellent performance of the engine; double handle and telescopic tube make the job even easier and more convenient.


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