New engines with easy ignition


A range designed for professional use, which includes the best technologies for single-cylinder horizontal axis engines: Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power launches the new 4.85 kW gross Vanguard engines.
Designed to meet the needs of the working world and to offer longer lasting performance, the engines have a 3-year commercial warranty. The company first identified the main problems highlighted by customers regarding start-up, transport, maintenance and service network, and then developed innovative solutions to offer the most complete range of engines on the market.
The main novelty of the new 4.85 kW Vanguard engines is the simplified ignition in just three steps compared to the five usually needed: with a single pass, the switch is turned on, the carburettor wheel opens and the 'accelerator.
To start the engine, it is sufficient to close the air valve and pull the starter cable, which has been shortened for this model and requires less power for ignition. Thanks to the new carburizing, ignition and combustion system, starting is guaranteed in any environment and season, up to -28 degrees Celsius. All parts have also been designed to reduce vibration and noise.
All new 4.85 kW Vanguard engines include an advanced version of the TransportGuard technology designed to prevent oil leakage during transport. The carburetor is also lined internally to prevent corrosion due to stale fuel.
Maintenance of Vanguard engines is also made easier thanks to the new oil management system which allows the engine to operate for 200 hours between oil changes, twice the industry standard. The completely cyclonic air filtration system reduces downtime by extending the recommended air filter replacement intervals to 600 hours, twice the engine time in the same category.
The widespread service network in over 100 countries in the world, allows us to deliver more than 50,000 parts to dealers in just 24-48 hours. All training resources and Briggs & Stratton technical support are also available online, as well as at authorized centers.

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