New weed control techniques in urban green


Minoprio Foundation proposes a symposium on alternatives to herbicides, in particular glyphosate.
It will be held Friday, April 21 a conference organized by Minoprio Foundation on the topic of "New techniques in weeding urban green spaces".
With the entry into force of the "Guidelines for the application in Lombardy of the National Action Plan sustainable use of plant protection products", their use in areas frequented by the public or by vulnerable groups, in the urban environment, along the highways and railways is subject to the requirements set out by the PAN. Since the use of plant protection products in the mentioned areas, represents a potential risk to public health and can help to reduce the state's water quality, Regione Lombardia adopted from 1 January 2016 some additional preventive measures, placing particular attention to the use deglierbicidi.
"This conference - explanatory Minoprio Foundation - the containment of wild flowers in the non-agricultural environments, intends to propose that a summary of the new rules governing the sport and the other showing the main means of struggle on the market today."
In fact, during the day it will be possible to verify "in the field" not only the operation, but also the real effectiveness of various alternative solutions to the use of herbicides and herbicide in particular glyphosate.
The event gives the right to the acquisition of 0.5625 CF for agronomists and forest experts.

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